I have a gorgeous clear Lutino Pearl Pied hen that unfortunately should locate a new home. Presently she lives with 5 other cockatiels and she has never ever enjoyed in a cage, resided in a little one her whole life before I acquired her, as well as with the liberty I've offered her, it still doesn't seem to be the right scenario for her.
She is totally untame, and probably never will be yet she's definitely stunning. Buttery strong yellow physical body with strong white wings and yellow pearling down her back. Orange cheeks, and a lovely yellow crest.
I'm finding an aviary type residence for her, one with various other cockatiels preferably. She's a tried and tested breeder, her mate escaped months earlier and was never found, and still young sufficient to have years of clutches ahead of her as she's just about 3-4 years of age.
Asking $100 or much better deal, she is a REALLY uncommon mutation and not one you locate available for sale in the classifieds frequently.
All I would certainly need to view is a concept of the aviary you thinking of keeping her in, and proof that its your aviary and not simply some random photo. I possess a massive dual trip cage, and I will certainly not have her going to a house where she is much more limited in comparison to she is now. She is entitled to the complimentary air travel, and would make a definitely gorgeous addition to any people aviary. Thanks!

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